e-learning & audio books

Combining our efforts with the publishing world has resulted in several successful collaborations; one of our more notable co-operations, with Rizzoli Publishing, is the realization of an audio book read by Oriana Fallaci.
We’ve also joined forces with Giunti for the production of audio-fairytales; with Bassilichi for a series of CD Rom about Florentine museums; with Elemond for Italian language courses; with Infogroup for the production of multimedia CD Rom; with the Monnier Publishing House for English language courses dedicated to children; with the “Ministry of Education for Plan INDIRE” for the realization of multimedia English language courses; with Deutsches Institut for the recording of German Language courses; and, not least of all, with Paul Poles for the audio recording of his Theatrical Comedies.

Our experience and vast reach in the audio-visual field allow us to satisfy our client’s every production requirement, of course, in collaboration with mother-tongue speakers of the main worldwide languages. We realize original high-quality audio columns at competitive prices for your needs.

Upon request we supply translation services from the Italian language into a language of your choosing or vice-versa.